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Robert Hall

Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. I'm Rob Hall. I'm a certified hypnotherapist with over ten years experience specializing in past life explorations.

I am based in Orange County in Southern California, and provide private or group sessions. Everything is completely confidential, and I never disclose client information to anyone.

If you are interested in my services, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or on my cell at (714) 482-8721.

Rob Hall received his professional certification in clinical hypnotherapy in 2001 from the American Pacific University. He has presented for the Orange County chapter of the Mensa Society and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Please note that Rob is not a medical doctor and none of his sessions involve any medical diagnosis or practice of any kind.

  • Who Were You - Before You Were You?
  • What Exciting Experiences Have You Had Over The Centuries?
  • What Key Life Lessons Did You Learn, Or Forget?
  • What Great Loves and Fortunes Came Your Way?
Billions of people worldwide believe in the concept of reincarnation - that, when we die, our "souls" or "spirits" may be reborn into another body and live again. Famous people who believed in reincarnation include Mahatma Gandhi, General George S. Patton, Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mark Twain, Henry Ford, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Albert Schweitzer, Socrates, and George Harrison.

joan of arc (41K) For myself, as a lifetime student, and then practitioner and teacher, of hypnotism and metaphysical subjects, the experiences I have had with people have been overwhelmingly supportive of the idea that many of us are indeed able to accurately remember lifetimes besides the ones we are living now. I still recall the amazement I felt the first time a client told me things that she could not have possibly known from her own experience - and she was absolutely correct! It sent a chill up my spine, and it just tripled my enthusiasm and excitement for this fascinating subject.

Think for a moment. Have you ever:

  • Gone to a new place, and had a feeling that you had been there before?
  • Met a new person, and felt like you had known them all your life?
  • Felt magnetically drawn to the symbols and practices of a culture different from the one you were born into?
  • Picked up a new skill, or learned a new language, so quickly it was like you already knew those things?
  • Had a strong feeling, such as fear or love, for a place or situation that you could not explain?
If so, you may indeed have been remembering bits and pieces from a past life that you once lived. Working together, we may be able to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together for you!

Pocahontas Past life literature and stories are full of examples of people who found that they easily picked up a certain language because in a previous life they had lived in that country, or that a person with whom they have a strong emotional connection was someone with whom they had had a strong emotional connection in a past life, or that their current fear of water was rooted in the fact that, in a previous incarnation, they had died by drowning.

I do not maintain an office but prefer to travel to meet with my clients in settings, like their homes, where they can be totally comfortable and relaxed. Past life explorations are done using just a very light hypnosis, to enable you to be completely relaxed and focused on discovering the memories that may indeed reveal the secrets of the past lives you may have led. I record all sessions using digital audio (unless you don't want me to) and provide you with a copy that you can listen to again at your leisure.

Blackbeard the Pirate Please plan for at least two to three entirely undisturbed hours (phones off and pets out, please!) for our session.

I also love doing group sessions (which I call "Past Life Parties"), so if you might enjoy doing this with a group of your friends that's absolutely fine with me. Just contact me first and let's pick a date and time and then put your group of friends together. While, of course, when working with a group I am not able to give individual attention to any one person, and so we can only do general basic explorations, these can still be a great deal of fun!

Contact me today and let's get started! Email or call me and I'll be happy to answer all your questions.

Cell: (714) 482-8721

Below are some videos about past lives that I found on YouTube. They're very interesting!

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